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Crystal balls

Prentresultaat vir images of crystal balls

In the first book of the ILLOREAEN sagas there is already hints that the Illoreaens were just starting to develop the concepts of  computers. It is hinted that the computers will be in the form of spheres that could grow into crystal balls.


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Crystal balls have fascinated me since understanding how computers work, many years ago.

I realised that the properties of the attributes of the mythical crystal-ball was exactly what I would expect from the ultimate super computer:

  • It would be made from extremely pure silicon or similar translucent semi-conductive material.
  • It must require very little energy to run, for example the heat flow towards a heat sink from an operator’s hand or from a small flame that heats a specific area of the crystal.
  • It could be contain so many transistor equivalents, layered in three dimensions, that it would be able to store huge amounts of data. (More than Google, Amazon etc. is storing in all their servers)
  • It would be able to contain many processing units (near the surface to allow cooling) to process this huge amount of data. It could yield information on probabilities of specific occurrences.
  • The information can be presented in many forms to present the calculated probabilities and thereby to make predictions.
  • It would be able to form three dimensional images. In the case of  a crystal ball this can be achieved by generating LCD pixels, forming images  at different depths of the crystal. The curve of the translucent semi-conductor material forming a lens enlarging the 3D images.
  • An operator would be able to look into the translucent crystal ball to read three dimensional displays or even writing or runes.  The crystal ball would be able to create sounds but strangely enough the crystal ball myths don’t mention this ability. (Except maybe when the operator claims to be a medium and get the crystal ball to  emulate voices?
  • The crystal ball would be able to transmit and receive electronic signals in all electro-magnetic frequency bands, from RF to light with tuned conducting materials near the surface to act as antennas.
  • The operator would be able to commu