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Hominins: The Humanoids that lived 74 000 years ago

In CATASTROPHE! – The Survivors of the Super Volcano we encounter three groups of hominins.


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In fact many different humanoid species (hominins) still roamed the earth at that time:

Homo erectus of which we believe only the homo florensiensis branch survived, until a few thousand years ago, as dwarfs (island dwarfism on the island of Flores in Indonesia.

Homo neanderthalensis (called Giants by the Clan) survived until about30 000 ya in colder areas

Homo sapiens (that’s us), the only survivors (except the Clans?)

Homo Denisovans did not survive.

Homo Erectus did not survive.

Many other Homo species did not survive.

20 physical traits you may have inherited from a Neanderthal (or Dinisovan)

Here are some interesting  references on the hominins that existed 74 000 years ago:


On Hominids:

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General information on hominids.

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Map of Europe during the Last Glacial Maximum Page 155



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General information on hominids.

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